Purchasing a home is an investment we don’t take lightly at Team Rich Richardson. That’s why buying a home with us begins with a conversation. We want to truly understand your needs and wants, combining practicality with that list of all the things you’re dreaming of for your new home. We’ll go over everything from square footage and price to timeline and location in order to get a clear picture of exactly what you hope to find. These conversations are crucial not just for us, but also for the clients. It’s our goal to educate you about the market and help set realistic expectations from the start so you can be ready to make an informed decision when the time comes to buy.

And then we hit the ground running, working hard to identify properties that fit the needs of your family. Our agents know the market inside and out, utilizing their knowledge of current listings and relationship with fellow agents to only present you with the properties that match your list of wants and needs. Our Team is available to show you homes as soon as they come available and will guide you through the everything from contract negotiations and due diligence to the final closing when you’re ready to buy. Whether you’re looking to purchase your starter home, buy a little something bigger to start your family, or finally get that million dollar dream home, our Team is in it for the long haul to find the home of your dreams!